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Awards, Chart Positions etc...

Michael has been awarded 27 gold and platinum albums.

Michael received the "Excellence In The Arts" award at the 2019 Barrie Arts Awards.

The CD "Africa Without Borders" by Okavango Orchestra has been nominated

in the Best World Music Album category for the 2020 Juno Awards. 

Edited and mixed.  (see last image below)


Spaceport Union's latest CD "Permanent Frequency" won Album Of The Year at the

2017 Vancouver Island Music Awards.

Produced, engineered, edited and mixed.

Spaceport Union's song "White Noise" won awards for Rock Song Of The Year and Video Of The Year at the

2016 Vancouver Island Music Awards.

Produced, engineered, edited and mixed.


Ed Roman's  CD "Letters from High Latitudes" hit #1 on the Roots Music Reports

Top 50 World Album Chart on March 11, 2015.

Ed Roman's single "I Am Love" hit number one on the

SortHits adult contemporary charts - November 4, 2016.

Produced, engineered, edited and mixed.

Nov 23, 2013. Three Jim Brickman CDs were on the U.S. Billboard charts. "The Magic of Christmas" entered at #5, " Love 2"  reached  #6 and "Believe" peaked at #7. 


(see second image below)

​The CD "Flirting with the Queen" by Spaceport Union is listed in the listener's choice Top 20 Albums of 2012 on the

Prog Mill Stafford Radio Limited (United Kingdom)

Produced, engineered, edited and mixed.

​The song "State Of The Union" by Scott Donnelly received some chart action in Canada including:

#7 Canadian Indie Active Rock
#47 CanCon Active Rock song (2/16/2013)
#120 Mediabase Active Rock (2/17/2013)
MB/BDS charted 2 weeks (3/17/2013)

Produced, engineered, edited and mixed.

"Beautiful World" by Adam Crossley & Jim Brickman peaked at #4 on the U.S. Billboard AC chart, 2009, 2010.​

​The song also reached #7 on the Canadian AC charts. 

Engineered, edited and mixed.

(see first image below)

"Christmas Is" by Mark Masri & Jim Brickman reached #18 on the U.S. Billboard Hot AC chart, 2009.

Engineered, edited and mixed.

(see third image below)

Four songs from the Trews CD "Den Of Thieves" charted in Canada including:
"Yearning" at #1

"So She's Leaving" at #2
"Poor Old Broken Hearted Me" at #3 

"I Can't Say" at #9
The “Den Of Thieves” CD reached #6 on the Canadian album charts in 2005.

Engineered, edited and mixed.

(see fifth image below)

In 2004 the song “Fleeting Trust” from the Trews “House Of Ill Fame” CD peaked at #6 on the Canadian rock charts.

Co-engineered by ​Gordie Johnson and Michael Jack.

The Trews Christmas song “Coming Home” peaked at #20 on the Canadian Rock charts in 2011.

Engineered, edited and mixed.

The CD "Perfect Gift" by The Canadian Tenors reached #37 on the Canadian Top 100 charts (Dec 11, 2010)

It also reached #1 on the U.S. Classical charts. Their single "Hallelujah" charted at #56 on the Canadain charts.

On the Billboard Holiday Album Charts the CD peaked at #7, October 2010. 

Engineering, editing, mixing.

(see third image below)

Dala's CD "Girls From The North Country" was nominated for Best Roots & Traditional Album Of The Year

at the 2011 Juno Awards.

Edited and mixed.

The song "Horses" from Dala's CD "Everyone Is Someone" reached #7 on the top ten folk songs of 2009 (NPR radio U.S.A.)

The CD also placed in the top ten on NPR's album chart.

Engineered, edited and mixed.

"Song For Africa" peaked at #2 in 2006 on the Canadian singles charts.

Engineered, edited and mixed.

Charted #19 on the U.S. Billboard rock album charts with the CD "Feedback" by Rush. The

single “Summertime Blues” peaked at #30 on the U.S. Mainstream rock charts in 2004.

In Canada the "Feedback" CD reached #5 on the Canadian Album Charts.

Engineering, editing. 

(see third image below)

Reached #5 on the U.S.  Billboard charts with the soundtrack CD  "2 Fast, 2 Furious" in 2004. 


Editing, Engineering.

(see fourth image below)

The song “Angel In My Bed” by R&B singer GQ stayed in the top ten for nine weeks on the Canadian AC charts in 2003.


Anne Murray’s “Country Croonin” CD reached #13 on the U.S. Billboard Country charts and #109 on the

Billboard Top 200 charts in 2002. 

Engineering, editing. 

(see third image below)

Charted at #19 on the Canadian Album charts with the CD "Greatest Hurts" by Jann Arden in 2001.

Engineering, editing. 

Total album/CD sales for all projects Michael has worked on exceed 4 million units.

All U.S. Billboard Chart Positions. Albums and singles.

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