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"Walking In The Rain"


Instrumental, rhythmic, ambient & melodic.

Anchored by smooth ‘chill’ grooves.

Inspired by the past, the present & the future.

Sometimes serious, sometimes sly, sometimes fun, always engaging.


The album Cinema Vérité is the first solo project from Michael Jack.

(for more info on Michael click here)

It contains 14 original, instrumental compositions

plus a cover of Kraftwerk's classic song "The Model”

Covers of the Flash And The Pan classics

"Walking In The Rain" & "Waiting For A Train"

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All songs written by: Michael Jack except *

Produced, recorded, edited and mixed by: Michael Jack

@ The Radio Room Studios 

Programming and all performances by: Michael Jack

Artwork by: Michael Jack


Photo for Cinema Vérité: Jason Dent - 

Photo for Takes One To Know One: Taylor Harding -    

Photo for The Silk Road: Tyler Scheviak - 

Photo for Walking In the Rain: Dale Nibbe -

Photo for Smoke & Mirrors by: Rhett Wesley 

Photo for L.A. Sunset by: Benjamin Lizardo

The Model written by: Ralf Hutter, Karl Bartos, Emil Schult

GEMA, Warner-Tamerlane Pub. o/b/o Edition Positive Songs 

and Sony/ATV Tunes o/b/o Kling Klang Music Gmbh. 

Used by permission. 

Walking In the Rain, Waiting For A Train 

written by: Johannes Vanderburg & George Young. 

BMG Gold Songs Publishing. 

Used by permission.


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