Editing - Mixing Suite and Tuning Emporium

I have the fortune of being affiliated with some world class recording studios and top notch project studios in order to accommodate

any budget and technical need. Please see the Links page for further information on some of these facilities.

In order to remain affordable and competitive in today's market I also offer location/remote recording, and editing/mixing independently

at my own "Radio Room" Mixing Suite. Below is a list of hardware and software available....


27 inch Imac, SSD, 5K Retina, i7, 32GB RAM, 10.14.6 Mojave OS
Protools 2019.10 with Apogee A/D converters/master clock and mic pre amps

Universal Audio 'Apollo' Duo

Dangerous Music analog summing mixer and D/A converters
Euphonix/Artist MC MIX control surface

iPad Air 4th Gen with Avid Control


Extensive array of plug-ins include:


Classic Pack, Retro Pack, 6030 Compressor Pack, 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip, Channel G, Futzbox, Chrome Tone, ML4000.


Mercury Bundle.

Universal Audio:

1176LN, 1176SE, LA-2A, Pultec EQP-1A, Fairchild 670 Compressor, 610B Preamp/EQ,  Helios 69 EQ, Precision Enhancer,

Soft Tube Amp Room, Soft Tube Bass Amp Room, CS-1 Channel Strip, Lexicon 224 Reverb, Lexicon 480L Reverb,

Ocean Way Studios Room, RealVerb Pro, Raw, Softtube Vocoder. 

Sound Toys:

Echo Boy, Pan Man, Tremolator, Crystallizer, Decapitator, Devil Loc, Radiator, Filter Freak,

Pan Man, Phase Mistress, Microshift, Primal Tap Delay, Speed, Little AltarBoy.


CT5 Compressor, vt3 EQ, L2007 Limiter, Tape Head, De-esser.

Plugin Alliance:

Millenia TCL-2 Compressor, Millenia NSEQ-2 EQ, Maag Audio EQ4, Opticom XLA-3 Compressor, Vertigo Compressor, Townhouse Compressor,  

Dangerous Music BAX EQ, Lindell 254E compressor, Purple Audio MC77 compressor, Schoeps Mono Up Mix, Fiedler Audio "Stage" Acoustic Enhancer,  

BX Room, DrumXchanger, SPL De-verb, BX Opto Compressor, SSL 4000G Console Strip, Ampeg SVT-VR Bass Amp, Friedman BE-100 Amp Modeller,

Friedman DS-40 Amp, Chandler GAV19T Amp,  Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 50 Amp, BX Blackdist2, BX Blue Chorus, ADA Flanger, BX Greenscreamer Overdrive, BX Boom, 

Unfiltered Audio BYOME, Unfiltered Audio - SpecOps.

Fab Filter:

Pro-Q 2 Equalizer, Pro-R Reverb, Pro L2 Limiter.

Soft Tube:

TSAR Reverb, Vocoder. 

Tone Empire:

OptoRed Compressor


Joe Meek, Blue Cat Audio, SPL, Flux, Cytomic "The Glue" compressor,
BIAS Amp Pro, Eleven, Air, Bomb Factory, Ohm Force,
Lexicon PCM Native Reverb, Lexicon LXP Native Reverb, Relab Sonsig Rev-A Reverb,

Redline Reverb, TC Electronics M-30 Reverb, TL Space Reverb,  DUY Z-Room Reverb,
Autotune EVO, Avox Mutator & Choir, Sound Replacer.

Synth Modules/Virtual Instruments: 

Arcade,  Xpand 2,  DS Audio - Thorn,  Unfiltered Audio - Lion,  Knif Audio -  Knifonium,

Brainworx - Oberhausen,  Waves - Element,  Waves - Codex,  SoniVox - Twist, 

Air - Vacuum,  Air - Structure,  DB-33,  Mini Grand,  UVI- Falcon 2,  

Addictive Drums 2,  Addictive Keys.


Yamaha HS-80M self powered monitors
Mackie MR-5 self powered monitors
Realistic Minimus 7 “book shelf” speakers

Avantone "Mix Cube" active speakers
Behringer “Behritone” C50A active cube speakers

Paradigm Cinema 100 "book shelf" speakers

Mission MS-5 "book shelf" speakers



Universal Audio LA-610 mkll  tube mic preamp with optical compressor
Custom built “Neve” 1272  (1073)  mic preamp
Grace Design 101 mic preamp

Grace Design m101 mic preamp   (with ribbon mic mode)
Golden Age Pre-73 “Neve” mic preamp  x2
M-Audio “Tampa” mic pre & compressor

DBX 1086 mic pre/channel strip
DBX 160vu compressor  x2         (circa 1976)
DBX 166 stereo compressor  x2   (circa 1980’s)
DBX 296 stereo spectral enhancer
Ashly SC-50 compressor   (original “blue face” circa 1976)

Ashly SC-50 compressor  (newer black unit)
Symetrix 565E stereo compressor

ART MPA Gold stereo tube mic preamp   (modified)

ART Pro MPA II stereo tube mic preamp  (modified)
ART TPS-II stereo mic preamp
ART TCS stereo tube compressor
ART power conditioner
ART 341 dual 15 band EQ
Yamaha SPX-90 multi effects
Sansui RA-700 spring reverb

Interfaces, Converters, Control Surfaces:

Universal Audio 'Apollo' Duo interface
Dangerous Music D-Box analog summing mixer and D/A converters
Apogee ‘Mini Me’ A/D converter and mic preamps

iPad Air 4th Gen with Avid Control

Euphonix ARTIST MC MIX control surface
Alpha Track control surface
Far Out Labs ProRemote Protools controller
M-Audio Oxygen 25 MKIV MIDI controller

Akai LPK-25 MIDI controller

Dynamic Microphones:
AKG D-20           (circa 1955, serial #321)
AKG D-20 B   x2 (circa 1960’s, later models)
AKG Dyn-60      (circa 1948, the first AKG mic)
AKG D-1200E    (circa 1980’s)
AKG D-190ES   (circa 1970’s)
AKG D-310        (circa 1980’s)
Sennheiser MD-441U   x3   (circa 1980’s)
Sennheiser MD-409

Sennheiser E-609
Grundig GDSM-202 stereo mic    (same mic as the Sennheiser MDS-1, circa 1959/60)
Grundig GDSM-221    (same mic as the Sennheiser MD-21  circa early 60’s)
Astatic T-3     (circa 1940’s “bullet” style. Famous harmonica mic)
Midland 22-104 crystal mic   (circa 1950’s, clone of the RCA 77)
Shure 737A    (circa 1940’s “waffle grille” crystal mic)
Shure Unidyne lll PE54SH    (circa late 60's)
Shure SM-7B   x2
Shure SM-58   x2
Shure SM-57   x5
Shure Beta 56A
Shure Beta 57A  
Shure SM-77
Shure SM-61
Shure 55SH
Shure 572G     x2
Shure 515BSL  

Shure (Realistic)  33 - 1070B
Yamaha MZ-205
Audio Technica ATM-21
Ampex 1101   x2         (circa 1970’s)
Electro-Voice 664  x2 (circa 1960’s)
Electro-Voice 636        (circa 1960’s)
Electro-Voice RE-18    (circa 1970’s)
Electro-Voice ND-357
Electro-Voice ND-308   x2

Peavey PVM-45  x2
MXL R44 ribbon
Apex  210 ribbon

Condenser Microphones:
Neumann TLM-49

Neumann TLM-103
Blue “Baby Bottle”
Blue “Bluebird”
Shure KSM-32   x2
CAD “Equitek” E-100  x2   (original made in U.S. versions)
Audio Technica 4033SE     (special anniversary edition)
Audio Technica 4033a
Audio Technica ATM-11  x2
Audio Technica ATM-31  x2

AKG C 460 B  x2  (with CK-1 and CK-61 capsules)

AKG C3000b
AKG Perception 200   x2
Rode NT1-A
Avantone CK-33  (stereo)
Avantone CK-6   x2
Apex 190
SE Electronics 2200
MXL V67i
Studio Projects C1
Studio Projects B1

Sterling Audio ST-31
Samson C02

DBX RTA-M   x2
M-Audio “Aries”
Electro-Voice 1751    (circa 1970’s)
Realistic 1090 PZM   (made by Crown)

D.O.D. 275 active direct box

Yorkville YDI-1P direct box    x2

​Behringer DI-100 active direct box

MXR direct box - line driver  x2

ART dPDB Dual direct box

ART HeadAmp 4 channel headphone amplifier

Rolls RA62 6 channel headphone amplifier


AKG  K-240   x3
AKG  K-99
AKG  K-55   x2
Shure SRH-440
Sennheiser HD-380
Sennheiser HD-435
Sennheiser H-150
Sony MDR-7506
Sony MDR-7505
Sony DR-7

Apex HD-90  x2

​RCA HP-450

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